Friday, January 31, 2014

2nd Annual SFR Galaxy Awards: Round One by Anna McLain

The Geeky Fun Award
Tin Cat - Misa Buckley (Champagne Books)

A studly Cyborg dressed as Blade, a smart wheelchair-bound heroine, comics, a time traveling bank robber, and an android cat. How fun is that? Throw them all together and you get a fast, fun, romantic story with a twist. Amber Gerald has no idea the comic book turns her life will take when she rescues a stray cat with a secret. In walks sexy Hunter Gray and the fun begins. What impressed me most about this story was that the heroine was accepted as she was, without the need to change her. The hero loved her, faults and all. This story made me feel really good and the title's nod to Dr. Who made this geek girl really happy. Tin Cat for the Most Geeky Fun.

Most Awesome Psychic Talent
Gethyon - Pippa Jay (Burst)

Gethyon is angry. He is essentially orphaned by his parents and left to his grandfather, along with his happy and popular sister. He discovers he has a unique psychic gift, the ability to open portals to anywhere and travel through them. He thought his life was awful, that he was missing out on the bigger picture and life with his mother would have been good. Life slaps him in the face with evil, bounty hunters, and the bigger picture that is much, much bigger and more dangerous than he ever imagined.

Best Bad Guy Corporation
Solia's Moon (Outer Settlement Agency #1) - Lyn Brittan (Gryy Brown Press)

This story is book one in a series and I'm happy about that. Solia, a Doctor now trapped working for a Terraforming Company, broke up with Giancarlo a long time ago but the feelings never completely died. When Solia finds out that her company is cloning slave labor, and experimenting on them, she calls for help, unaware that her former love, Giancarlo is the Lunar Sheriff who will come to her aid as he is unaware she is the one who called. Trapped together in a nightmare created by corporate greed, the lovers begin a race for their lives and must face the question, what makes a human, human?

Best Animal Companion
Borealis IX: Akira's Choice - Vijaya Schartz (Desert Breeze Publishing)

Bounty Hunter, Akira is sent to the Borealis space station in an area caught in a tug o' war between the Rebellion and the current political power, the TPP. She and her genetically enhanced cheetah, Freckles, are sent by the TPP to bring back a kidnapped orphan dead or alive, a fact that bothers Akira. Why would the government want a child dead, unless they were hiding something? In the rotting depths of the station she finds the boy with his uncle, Markku, an honorable and decorated soldier. But the TPP still want the boy at all costs and Akira has to face the greatest moral dilemma of her life, and trust that her faithful friend Freckles knows more than she is telling.

About Anna McLain
Anna McLain is a hopeful SFR author. She’s been a fan of SF since she started reading as a young child, and wrote SF fanfic for most of her life. After a decade in the military she settled in Tornado Alley in the US with her husband, three kids, and two Dachshunds, where she devours all the SFR she can find.


  1. Sounds like a story I would love. I am off to look it up.

  2. Above comment was about Tin Cat. After posting I saw it did not make sense.

  3. Replies
    1. Misa - Tin Cat was awesome-sauce! Well deserved award!

  4. Wow, thank you! Gethyon is very flattered, lol.

  5. Congrats to all the authors (and my co-blogger!) for The Galaxy Award wins. These all sound so amazing. Great choices, Anna.

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