About Our Banner

For the Fifth Annual SFR Galaxy Awards (January 2017), cover designer/editor Danielle Fine designed a very special anniversary banner that incorporated the original SFR Galaxy Awards logo with a shiny new 5th year update.

For the Sixth Annual SFR Galaxy Awards (January 2018), Danielle Fine provide a new re-design of the site banner.

About Danielle Fine

Danielle fell in love with language when she was three years old, and it's proved a love affair to last a lifetime. She adores everything about the art of story telling--the words, the pictures you can make with them, and the story they come together to create. An editor, she knows how much blood is left on the page when the book is done, and how much courage it takes to capture a part of yourself in ink and send it out into the world. It's her job to make sure your book has its hair combed and face washed when it goes. She loves her job.

You can find Danielle's website here: https://www.daniellefine.com/


In advance of the Seventh Annual SFR Galaxy Awards for 2018 (January 2019), awards coordinator Laurie Green, designed a transitional banner for the award announcements using the BookBrush site. 


The original SFR Galaxy Awards icon was designed by the stellar graphic designer Kanaxa.

About Kanaxa

Kanaxa is an award-winning cover artist and alter ego of Nathalie Gray, author of over thirty novels of speculative fiction ranging from steampunk to fantasy. She has been featured in The Independent (UK), RT Book Reviews, Realms of Fantasy magazines (US) and other publications. A former soldier and hopeless chocoholic, Nathalie makes her home in an impregnable fortress beneath the Nordic ice sheets, where she plots to one day take over the world. Pending global domination, you can browse her portfolio at www.kanaxa.com or visit her online at www.nathaliegray.com