Friday, February 1, 2019

Special Thanks: Sites Helping Celebrate the 2018 Awards

A very special thank you to columnist Veronica Scott for her coverage of the SFR Galaxy Awards on the Amazing Stories site.  Here's the link:

Many thanks to Carol Van Natta for not only sharing the SFR Galaxy Awards in an informational recap, but for also adding convenient buy links to each of the award recipients! For readers interested in acquiring some (or all!) of our SFR Galaxy Award winning books, see the post on her site here:

Special thanks to Cara Bristol who posted the winning books with links on the Facebook Sci-Fi and Fantasy Romance group. (Please note you must be a member of this group to view the posts.) Here's the direct link:

2018 SFR Galaxy Awards on Sci-Fi and Fantasy Romance

For those not a member of the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Romance Facebook group, the announcements also went live on Cara Bristol's site this morning. You can see them here:

Many thanks to Lexi Post for celebrating the awards on her blog. Here's the link:

We're very appreciative of the Geek Mom site publishing a commentary on the important of the awards to the genre, along with a list of the awards and links. Thanks so much for your support!

Thanks to everyone for helping to get the word out 
and support the SFR Galaxy Awards!