Thursday, November 30, 2017

Meet Chris Stock, New Judge for 2017

We're very pleased to welcome Chris Stock to our team of judges for the 2017 SFR Galaxy Awards. Chris is a great supporter of science fiction romance and has included references to SFR in her magazine articles. Here's a little more about her.

Christina Stock is an editor at the Roswell Daily Record and in charge of its monthly magazine “Vision” which covers events in Southeast New Mexico as well as art and book reviews.

Stock taught herself to read at age 5, bugging her mom how words in books are pronounced. Soon she started to read by herself and her love for books and stories never ended. Science Fiction Romance novels are her guilty pleasure since she read Anne McCaffrey's series about the dragons of the planet Pern.

Associated Press style English is the fifth English language that Stock studied. Her first was Oxford English in school in Germany, business English while she was an incentive-travel agent, American English when she moved — or rather was abducted by a handsome Marine — to the Land of Enchantment, Roswell, New Mexico. When her Marine went to guard the Pearly Gates, Stock remained in the town where she laid roots.

“Sometimes I think I lived already at least three lives,” Stock said. “I lived in France, Germany, Saudi Arabia and traveled throughout the world. Today, Roswell is my home and I am not planning to move again (unless a very, very handsome alien hunk comes to get me and does the heavy lifting). I love living in this quirky unusual town, it fits to me. “Having been asked to give awards to my favorite books is an honor and so difficult. There are so many new authors and new books out there, it was a challenge to pick only five,” Stock said.

Stock is working on a biography of the adventures of her family and herself. And yes, of course, if she ever finds the time, she is planning on writing a SFR.

You can find her magazines at