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Marlene Harris
Marlene Harris is a professional as well as an amateur book-pusher. By day, she's a not-so-mild-mannered librarian. By night, she's an intrepid book blogger of anything that strikes her fancy. She got hooked on Star Trek a long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away) and never looked back. Along with her on her journey (which is currently stopped in Atlanta) is her husband Galen and three completely spoiled cats.

Because she loves SFR so much, she doesn't just blog about it on her own blog at Reading Reality, she's also sneaks as many SFR posts as she can over at The Book Pushers.

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Jo Jones
I have always loved to read and part of the fun of reading is sharing the books I enjoy. Science Fiction Romance is my all time favorite. I share my love of reading on my blog, Mixed Book Bag.

I am a retired pilot. I live in the Ozarks of Northwest Arkansas. To me it is one of the best places in the country to live. I share my home with my two shelter cats, TC and Hunter. I love to travel. When I am not traveling or reading I garden, play bridge, hike and volunteer.

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Lee Koven
Lee loves to explore cultural, technological, and human possibilities, so she also loves to read and discuss science fiction romance. Her other hobbies include music composition, playing and making video games, and writing. A computer programmer and server admin by trade, Lee resides near Boston with her partner and many robots.

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Heather Massey
Heather Massey searches for sci-fi romance adventures and writes about them at Galaxy Express 2.0 and Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly. Her SFR musings have appeared at a variety of places including LoveLetter Magazine, Coffee Time Romance, Tor.com, Heroes & Heartbreakers, SF Signal, and SFR Galaxy Awards. She’s also an author in the subgenre. To learn more about her published work, visit her website.

Riley Moreland
The first science fiction I remember reading was The Enchantress from the Stars by Sylvia Engdahl, which did include a bit of teen crushing, so I can call it romance too. I've been hooked on scifi ever since. I feature books on my own blog, Whiskey With My Book, where books of just about any escapist genre are up for discussion and reviews along with author features, guest posts and the occasional bit of art.

With my husband, Ray, I live in a bungalow in a semi-rural southwest Iowa neighborhood. Ray and I will celebrate our 21st anniversary on the 7th anniversary of the SFR Galaxy Awards. Kellen is the one-year old Mini Australian Shepard we welcomed to our home this year. He is named after a SFR hero. Of course.

Semi-retired after a century of working in IT, I have a part time gig as a Library Director in a small town library. Best Job Ever! I have introduced SFR to the collection. Slowly, so as not to frighten the suspense readers.

I spend my meager wages on tea, dark chocolate, and whiskey. Not necessarily in that order.

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Chris Stock
Christina Stock is an editor at the Roswell Daily Record and in charge of the “Vision” section on Sundays, which covers events in Southeast New Mexico as well as art and book reviews.

Stock taught herself to read at age 5, bugging her mom how words in books are pronounced. Soon she started to read by herself and her love for books and stories never ended. Science Fiction Romance novels are her guilty pleasure since she read Anne McCaffrey's series about the dragons of the planet Pern.

Associated Press style English is the fifth English language that Stock studied. Her first was Oxford English in school in Germany, business English while she was an incentive-travel agent, American English when she moved — or rather was abducted by a handsome Marine — to the Land of Enchantment, Roswell, New Mexico. When her Marine went to guard the Pearly Gates, Stock remained in the town where she laid roots.

“Sometimes I think I lived already at least three lives,” Stock said. “I lived in France, Germany, Saudi Arabia and traveled throughout the world. Today, Roswell is my home and I am not planning to move again (unless a very, very handsome alien hunk comes to get me and does the heavy lifting). I love living in this quirky unusual town, it fits to me. “Having been asked to give awards to my favorite books is an honor and so difficult. There are so many new authors and new books out there, it was a challenge to pick only five,” Stock said.

Stock is working on a biography of the adventures of her family and herself. And yes, of course, if she ever finds the time, she is planning on writing a SFR.

You can find her articles at www.rdrnews.com under local news and follow her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PecosVisionMagazine.

KJ Van Houten
KJ Van Houten joined our judging team in January 2019 after one of the regular judges had to request a hiatus for the 2018 awards. She's a book reviewer for WWMB Reviews.

I’m married, with one ‘I refuse to believe she’s an adult’ daughter, and an ever-by-my-side furry canine. I work from home as a freelance graphic designer, despite having a B.A in Psychology with a minor in Cultural Anthropology and an M.S. in Studies of the Future – which I consider more as ‘lifestyle’ degrees than geared to a career in my case. My job is not really that glamorous, so I make it more interesting by listening to audiobooks. I grew up in rural Texas, then lived in both Austin and Houston before moving to Southern California to be with the man I married. I’ve always been a ‘space-case’ with my head more in the stars than grounded in reality. I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember, and SF has always been my favorite genre until I discovered SFR! Same with movies and TV shows – if it’s SF, I’m usually watching it, or it’s in the queue.

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(in alphabetical order by last  name)

Charlee Allden
Charlee Allden loves to read, write, and share her love of SciFi Romance. She is the founder of the Smart Girls Love SciFi blog and her first Indie SFR novels, Stealing Mercury and Deadly Lover, will be released this spring. Charlee lives in Florida where a huge fallen oak tree in the swampy woods near her childhood home once served as her very own Star Ship Enterprise. You can find out more about Charlee, visit her at www.charleeallden.com 

Donna S. Frelick
Over the years I’ve been a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa, endured the life of a government bureaucrat in Washington, D.C., raised two girls (and become Nonna to two grandchildren), tried organic farming, worked as a freelance journalist and editor, been a community activist, earned black belts in two different styles of martial arts, and written STAR TREK fan fiction for “underground” publication. Seven years ago I launched my science fiction suspense romance writing career. In 2012, my first two SFR novels finaled in the Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® contest. The first of those novels, Unchained Memory, launches February, 24 from INK’d Press.

I currently live in Fredericksburg, Virginia with my husband and two talkative cats. When I’m not writing, I’m teaching tai chi and karate and planning our upcoming move to 43 acres in the mountains north of Asheville, North Carolina.

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Laurie A. Green
Author Laurie A. Green is an award-winning, USA TODAY bestselling author and three-time RWA® Golden Heart® finalist. She’s a science fiction romance enthusiast who founded the SFR Brigade community of writers, which now totals over 1000 members. Her extended family includes her husband, David, five dogs, four cats and several horses, all who reside on a ranch in beautiful New Mexico. A retired military budget director and reserve state trooper, she now spends her days writing, networking, researching, and enjoying the Southwestern lifestyle of beautiful New Mexico.

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Rae Lori
Throughout her writing career, Rae has written comic book and film related articles which have appeared in online publications such as Comic Stack, Suite101, CinemaGap and Dark Moon Rising. As a result, her alma mater's English course chose one of her articles as an example for how to write an article. She also served as editor and contributing writer of her school newsletter. For her contributions to the newsletter and her leadership, she has won various Success Leadership awards sponsored by her alma mater where she received her BA in Media Arts Animation.

Her manuscript, Hotel Sunset, won an Honorable Mention award in the 73rd Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition. Under various pen names, she has written books, novellas and short stories that run the genre gamut of science fiction, fantasy, short roman noir and paranormal romance and many more waiting to drip onto the page.

A fan of David Lynch and Alfred Hitchcock, she also has a love for film, vampires and various animated storytelling which she couples with the art of the written word to tell her stories. While penning her works, she loves to create artwork that explores her strong female characters and the men in their lives.

Anna McLain
Anna McLain is a hopeful SFR author. She’s been a fan of SF since she started reading as a young child, and wrote SF fanfic for most of her life. After a decade in the military she settled in Tornado Alley in the US with her husband, three kids, and two Dachshunds, where she devours all the SFR she can find.

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