Sunday, January 31, 2016

4th Annual SFR Galaxy Awards: Round Seven by Charlee Allden

Best New Series
Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

This series introduced a race of big, blue, horned aliens living on an ice planet and a group of abducted women who end up stuck on what they like to call not-Hoth. I had great fun with the hero and heroine of the first book and it only got better as the books progressed. I thoroughly enjoyed this flash back to the pure fantasy of the barbarian heroes of the 1980s mixed with modern women in a well-developed world. 

Best Dark SFR Trilogy
Tribute by Kate Pearce

The Tribute trilogy was the most difficult read I couldn't put down this year. In this dark SFR, a human civilization developed on a new world only to learn too late that is was already inhabited by a terrifying, underground dwelling species. Too keep the monsters at bay, they provide Tributes each season to appease the enemies perverse and cruel curiosity. Each book reveals more of the world and the underlying plots that put the characters in grave danger. The intertwined stories of four characters plays out with explicit, dark, and non-traditional romance that is alternately, offensive, fascinating, gut-wrenching, and gratifying. Not for the faint of heart, Tribute shows off the brave and rare talent of the author in an innovative feat of storytelling.

Most Continuing Series Using the Mars Needs Women Trope
Tornians by M.K. Eidem

I discovered this series when the hero of the first book, Grim, was nominated for a Best SFR Hero poll I was running on my blog. This series started in 2013 but had several new books added in 2015. It features a typical back drop of an alien race whose females have become scarce, but features a fresh take on the culture that has developed as a result. A culture that is rocked by the introduction of human females. The heroes of this series are stellar examples of the honorable and devoted alphas that fans of this trope adore and the heroines are varied and individual enough to keep each book fresh. My only reservation with this series is that the older books in the series would benefit from a solid round of editing, but the stories easily make it worth overlooking that flaw.


  1. Loved Grim- One of my favorite SF authors ! Always an autobuy-

  2. Due to the great books she has written, I have M K Eidem on one click and I buy as soon as they come up for pre order... Everything she has written is great.. Not a bad book in the lot.

  3. I agree with the other two ladys. Tornians is a set of books you can not miss!

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