Saturday, January 31, 2015

3rd Annual SFR Galaxy Awards: Round Seven by Anna McClain

Most Fun New Series
The Phoenix Series by Anna Hackett

Indiana Jones in space, with more Romance, and assassins, and a nebula full of baddies with a shifting wormhole entrance. It's fun. It's different. It's romantic. Each book can stand alone and focuses on different characters, but the prior stars are in the background of the later books. After the second story I bought the entire series, which incidentally, all came out in 2014. Well, so far.

Most Mysterious SFR
Into the Black by Sheryl Nantus

Sam Keller leaves the military to captain a ship transporting courtesans between planets. When one is murdered she teams up with Marshal Daniel LeClair to try to figure out the complicated puzzle while slowly falling in love. The mystery kept me guessing until the end. Well done!

Best Fairy Tale Jump Off
Ladder to the Red Star by Jael Wye

This is the second book in a series loosely framed around Snow White. It stands alone so well I didn't even know there was a first book. There's a space elevator, religious crazies, a crazy ex, interstellar power plays, and cool biotech all included in a good Romance.

Creepiest Use of Ancestors
Mission to Mahjundar by Veronica Scott

Princess Shalira was blinded as a child, making her worthless in her society and a target to her evil stepmother. Her dying father arranges a marriage to a warlord in the distant hills, then orders a visiting Sector Special Forces officer to deliver her. Mike Varone just wants to finish his short mission and retire, but is stuck ferrying a Princess into the hills. A touch of fantasy, some brutality, and a slow broiling Romance make this story an intriguing read.

Best 'Opposites Attract' Story
Lana's Comet by Lyn Brittan

A Drill Instructor who lives and dies by the rules and a spunky recruit who hates the military with a passion but is on a secret mission combine for a hot and surprising action-packed romp through back streets and space. The secondary characters are terrific enough to warrant stories of their own.


  1. Some good choices here. Glad to see Anna Hackett and Veronica Scott made it onto someone's list. Well deserved.

  2. Thanks so much, Anna! I'm thrilled to nab not one but two SFR Galaxy Awards and to be in such good company.

  3. Love this list, Anna! A couple here I didn't know about. That's fixed. :)

  4. Congratulations to all the winners!

    The two-chapter excerpts in Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly (SFRQ) magazine are normally limited to three quarters however, as a special offer, authors whose books have won an SFR Galaxy Award can choose to advertise their book excerpts (only) in Issue 5 of SFRQ, no vetting necessary! See for details.

    Also, authors taking advantage of this offer will NOT have the "only two excerpts per calendar year" limit applied to them. But only for Issue 5. Let's get reading!

  5. From the covers it looks like there's some diversity in the characters here. Much needed! Looking forward to reading!

  6. The greatest collection of love stories ever told.

    Buy Make out Behind Bars by J. Zaraiya now!!


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