Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Welcome to the 2017 SFR Galaxy Awards

Thanks for joining us for the Sixth Annual SFR Galaxy Awards, recognizing the standout books in science fiction romance.

Special Tribute

We'd like to do a special dedication for this year's awards to a giant in the Science Fiction/Fantasy community, author Ursula K. Le Guin, who passed on Monday, January 22, 2018. Her words actually inspired the SFR Galaxy Awards. (More about that here.) She will be greatly missed as both author and inspiration.

This year, we'll be presenting seven rounds of awards, beginning at 10AM Eastern Standard Time USA. We'd like to thank our panel of talented judges for their work in selecting the 2017 award recipients.

We'd also like to thank the designer of this year's award banner, the multi-talented cover designer and editor Danielle Fine, and also extend our thanks to the original award icon designer, graphic artist Kanaxa.

More About the Awards

The SFR Galaxy Awards is an annual, multi-award event for science fiction romance books. The 2017 awards marks the sixth successive year the awards have been presented.

The theme of the SFR Galaxy Awards is inclusiveness. Instead of giving an award to a single book, this event will recognize the worth of multiple books and/or the standout elements they contain. The basic philosophy behind this approach is to help connect readers with books.

Each of seven judges may name one to multiple awards for standout science fiction romance, creating award categories based on their own criteria. They may also opt to provide additional details about the selectee and why they have made the selection. Authors do not enter to win and are not aware they have won until the awards are announced.

The focus is on award year titles, however the judges may also make a selection from a prior year and one selection can be a science fiction romance film, television series, video, graphic novel or game. (Further information about guidelines and eligibility can be found on the About the SFR Galaxy Awards page.)

Presentation of the Awards

As in prior years, the awards will be posted in rounds (Eastern Standard Time USA):

10:00 AM - Chris Stock
11:00 AM - Heather Massey
12:00 PM - Marlene Harris
1:00 PM - Riley Moreland
2:00 PM - Jo Jones
3:00 PM - Lee Koven
4:00 PM - Anna McLain

Read more about the 2017 judges on the Judges page.

Thank you for joining us for the 2017 SFR Galaxy Awards.


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